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I offer several types of editing and proofreading services, subject to the same academic rigor and professional scrutiny as my translations:



Proofreading corrects orthographic and grammatical issues: spell-checking; consistency of terminology; names and language (AE/BE); correct hyphenation, syllable division and punctuation; grammatical cases, tenses and passive forms; typographic corrections to quotation marks and cursives; adhering to formalities of style in bibliography/references.



My copyediting improves typographic, spelling, grammatical and stylistic quality of the text: cross-checking specialist language; rephrasing according to grammar, style and referencing standards; stylistic and tonal adjustments of content; and fact, quotation and bibliographic reference checking. 


Translation Editing


I  also offer comparative translation editing services where the target text is edited through a line by line comparison with the source text.  This service ensures a flawless target text that remains true to the original during the editorial process. My own translations already integrate this protocol of line-by-line checks after editing by a professional third quality.


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