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Art translation is a bit like doing a puzzle upside down. We may all be familiar with the picture on the box, but it can still be a challenge to get the right pieces in place. We will get the most out of working together by troubleshooting early on in the collaborative process. Whatever queries you may have, I will do my best accommodate the needs of your project:


I am on a tight deadline. Do you do rush jobs?


In principle, YES! Your deadline is my priority. 

How long does it usually take you to complete a translation?


As a rule, I like to give myself. Depending on the . After you request a quote, I will 

I have a very large project that has to be done in a very short amount of time. Can you take it on?

Absolutely YES. If your project is very ambitious within the set time frame, I may assemble a team from a select number of colleagues who specialize in translating art texts with whom I have experience collaborating. All communication between parties will run through me. You will be billed via a single invoice. Prices may vary according to the rates of the other freelancers.


How much does a translation cost?


If you cannot find the rate you are seeking on the RATES page, and still require a quote, please get in touch with me via e-mail: info@.

Will it be cheaper if I do an initial translation myself and have you correct it?




What payment methods do you accept?


We can arrange for national and international transfers from a bank of your choosing to one of my accounts in Germany, the UK or US. Payment can be made in your currency  of choice but should add up to the quoted sum in EURO after conversion on the day of receipt. I also accept Paypal payments to the UK and US accounts.





What does 'Normzeile' mean and how do you use it to calculate cost?


A 'Normzeile' is .

I am an artist: Will you give me a discount?


While I understand the idiom of the starving artist from personal experience, the answer is unfortunately NO. I support my own art practice through translation work. Occassionally, I will set up work-trade agreements; usually this is to receive assistance on my own film projects from esteemed colleagues and friends whose skills I admire or assistance I require and with whom I have already collaborated.


Do you translate from English to German?


NO. But I have a wonderful colleague to whom I can refer you.

Do you translate into other languages?


NO. But I have several colleagues who translate from other languages into English.

Do you write in American or British English?


My default is AE, though I will translate into BE upon request, and generally adhere to whatever style of text already appears in the catalogue.

What language do you correspond in?


We can discuss your project in either German or English in which I am both fluent at a native level. I am also glad to correspond about your project in French, though it may be a bit rusty.

What time is it best to call?


During weekdays, you can call me anytime between 9am and 5pm, UK standard time. This means we are one hour behind schedule in Germany, three hours ahead of New York, and eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. You can also send me an e-mail to set up a Skype appointment. My Skype User Name is: Selene States.

How is it best to get in touch?


You can e-mail me anytime.  I generally respond to e-mails within 24 hours. When I am on a job, I tend to respond to your questions within a couple of hours at most. If we are already working on a job, please feel free to call me.

Where are you located? Can we meet in person?


I am based in East London (UK). I frequently travel to the USA and Germany for professional and personal reasons. I am always happy to meet with clients on these trips. Just get in touch so we can make an arrangement to meet. Otherwise, Skype is a great way to develop a working relationship remotely.

I have a translation that needs fixing. Can you help?


Please send me the original text, the translated version and images of the related artworks. I will try, though you may end up paying full price all over again.

Do you proofread your own texts?


As a general rule, YES. I like to give myself an extra day between completion, so I can have a mental framework and distance from the text.

Can I send you an unfinished document or change a document once the translation is complete?


YES! Within limitations.

What kind of document should I send?


Please send the original document requiring translation/editing in either a Word .doc, docx or Opensource .odt file format. I generally edit in Microsoft word, but can send your files in another format upon request. You can also send me final proofs in pdf format, which I will annotate using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

How can I see the editing changes you have made to my text?


I will use the track changes function. I also include comments and notes. As a rule, if there is any content (e.g. or .  If you . I spend a lot of time acquainting myself with your subect. 

Do you translate subtitles for video art / films?


YES. As a film-maker in my own right and with a large network of collaborators in the film industry, I have a great deal of experience .

Which art-related subjects do you cover?


Everything from

Will you translate texts I have written myself about my artwork?



Should I send you images of the artwork?


Absolutely YES. It is extremely useful for me to be able to compare the author's descriptions with the actual art works. Context is key!

My text is not about art. Will you translate it?


As a general rule, NO. 

What kind of art do you do?


If you are interested in my art work, please check my artist website:

Who owns your translations?


I will seek your permission to publish any articles. As a rule, I like to request my clients for a copy of the publication.

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