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With a background in fine art, I specialize in translating and editing your art texts, German to English.  My areas of expertise range from art history and contemporary fine art to film and media theory, dance and performance, architecture, to aesthetics and the philosophy of art. My services are of the highest caliber in the field, and come at great rates, with quick turnover times and a clear communication process. 

My translations are crafted with specialist language to sound as authoritative as the text of a native speaker while remaining true to the original. Each commission is subject to rigorous academic protocol: background research, bibliographic and style standards, cross-checking of translated quotes, and copyediting. Final revisions include proofreading by a qualified third party.
I edit my clients' texts to the highest standards of orthography and grammar.  I am fluent in both British and American English, easily moving between spelling, lexical and idiomatic norms. My work achieves cross-cultural standards of academic referencing. I offer several types of editing and proofreading services: copyediting, proofreading and translation editing.  
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