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A skilled translator does more than just convert a text from one language to another, word for word. My texts are of the highest professional and academic quality and read with the precision, authority and natural fluency of superior original texts.


My translation process assures a balance of transparency and fidelity. I verify all source citations and facts. After editing the target text separately for coherence and fluency, I perform a comparative analysis of source and target texts line by line. Finally, I ensure the integrity of the final text by employing a professional copy editor. I supply annotated versions to resolve any factual or stylistic ambiguities before delivering a translation.


I adopt the highest academic standards in my treatment of your texts. I rigorously verify each bibliographic reference and citation, establishing sources already published in English and the most up-to-date canonical volumes. I have an extensive library of contemporary art discourse and conduct meticulous library research in accessing cited publications. I am fluent in AE and BE and experienced in using different referencing systems (Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, Harvard).


I create a coherent and fluent final product: interpreting the nuances of meaning and capturing the source text with a transparency that transports the reader. I am sensitive to the creative work that goes into conceiving your texts and use my utmost discretion to preserve your authorial voice, style and diction. My translations emulate the source's structure and retain the variation in tone with which you treat different artworks, artists, and genres. And where intended by the author, I align form and content of the text.

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